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fter designing, producing and mailing thousands of invitations, we have learned quite a bit. Below we share the most essential
tips. We hope they help you along the way!

1.   Confirm the venue before beginning the save the date and invitation design process
Whether your event is an elegant affair in a formal ballroom or a casual hoedown in a barn, your venue will guide your decisions on invitation design style, colors, paper and printing process to represent the overall look and feel. All components do not need to match, but should be cohesive and tell a story from beginning to end.

2.   Go for color or a distinctive thematic element
Sending an unusual invitation takes courage. Be confident in who you are – and follow through!
3.   Make mindful choices when creating the paper suite
Ellen is especially interested in papers created by women of third world countries who, in an effort to overcome poverty and support their families and communities, have set up small, family-run shops making gorgeous handmade paper. There is also an ever increasing amount of sustainable paper options in all colors and textures imaginable which we encourage you to consider.

4.   Hand cancel the postage on wedding invitations
This extra service, offered by the USPS, will aid in preserving the beauty of the outer envelopes by avoiding meter marks. To further protect the outer envelope, mail the entire invitation in a clear plastic sleeve with the stamp placed on the outside of the sleeve. This way, the stamp is canceled without marking the envelope.
5.   Keep the response card simple
Ellen recommends “kindly respond” or “the favor of a reply is requested” on response cards. This leaves an area for guests to write a personal message along with their name(s). Our clients have mentioned how they enjoy looking back on these notes, days and even years after their event.
6.   Make sure to save a set of all your wedding items
Have an event planner or good friend put aside one piece of each of your items on the day of your wedding. A program or menu may be swept up in all the excitement, without regards to souvenirs of the evening.

7.   Order at least ten extra invitations
There are always a few new friends or forgotten relatives added along the way and you will want at least one set for a keepsake. To produce extra invitations at the last minute can cost a fortune.

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